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CAJ in the running for prestigious podcast awards

CAJ in the running for prestigious podcast awards

Image by Jade Murray.

Words by Jade Murray

Student podcasts from the Centre for Advancing Journalism have been nominated in four categories of the Australian Podcast Awards.

The Yarn, which features reporting from students, content from The Citizen and coverage of talks and CAJ special events, was selected as a finalist for Best Factual Podcast and the Climate Award. Uncurated was nominated for Best History Podcast and Best New Podcast.

Winners will be announced on November 21 at a ceremony at the Seymour Centre, Sydney.

The second season of Uncurated was produced by students taking Advanced Audio: Podcasting with Senior Lecturer Louisa Lim and hosted by Sasha Gattermayr. Each episode follows the forgotten story of an object found in the museums and archives at the University of Melbourne, with help from curators at the Museums and Collections department.

“It’s really such a tribute to the talent and hard work of our students, who every year throw themselves into the challenge of producing a podcast from scratch in just 10 weeks,” said Louisa Lim. “It’s such a joy teaching this podcasting subject, where I function as an executive producer, and watching what direction the students take Uncurated in.”

Lim is also the executive producer of The Yarn, which was created by the Centre for Advancing Journalism late last year.

Reflecting on The Yarn’s scope over the year, Lim said: “We’ve showcased our collaborations with the Science Gallery and All the Best, and featured more than 65 voices including Stella Prize winner Evelyn Araluen, Indigenous reporter Madeline Hayman-Reber, Guardian editor Lenore Taylor and 7am podcast host Ruby Jones. It allows students a platform to practice interviewing and being interviewed.”

Students who worked on Uncurated are excited to be listed for Best History Podcast alongside Lim’s King of Kowloon and ABC Australia’s Stuff the British Stole.

Uncurated’s host Sasha Gattermayr said: “We’re so thrilled to be nominated amongst these incredible podcasts that have inspired our work. We’ve been working with archivists and curators from within the university to shine a light on some incredible stories and we’re keeping our fingers crossed.”

Uncurated has also held its position at the top of the podcast charts for Visual Arts in Australia. In early November, it also reached number two on the Arts Australia charts.

The final episode is now available and features reporter Jade Murray’s story about atmospheric scientist Jean Laby, the first woman to graduate from the university with a PhD in physics.

Uncurated season two is produced by Prealene Khera and with sound design by Sean Ruse and Thomas Phillips. The Yarn is now hosted and produced by Thomas Phillips.


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