Change Agents

Change Agents is about the art of change and the people who make it happen. It focuses on real and recent case studies where often ordinary people have brought about profound social, political, cultural and political change. It celebrates their success and challenges them to explain how they did it and the obstacles they overcame along the way. Change Agents is a collaboration between The Conversation and the Swinburne Business School and Swinburne University’s Department of Media and Communication.


  • Change Agents: How Australia put a spoke in the Japanese whaling machine

    35 minutes
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    Scientific whaling is technically allowed under the International Whaling Commission’s treaty, and despite international objections, countries such as Japan have the right to decide for themselves what constitutes “scientific”. But in 2014, Japan’s pretext for whaling was discredited when Australia won a case at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. And, for a year, Japanese whaling stopped. This episode of Change Agents tells the back story of how that happened through the eyes two key players, ANU legal academic Don Rothwell and Darren Kindleysides, then campaign manager at the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Hosted by Centre for Advancing Journalism director Andrew Dodd and Samuel Wilson, senior lecturer in management, Swinburne University of Technology.

    Murky waters: Why is Japan still whaling in the Southern Ocean?