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Each week, Citizen cadet Jack Banister and Sporting Chance Magazine editor Gordon Hunter Meredith get together, with guests, to discuss the latest in sports, sports literature and sports media.

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  • Fan Fiction and Footy Yarns

    1 hr 10 mins 25 secs

    There’s nothing better on a Sunday than to curl up on the couch with a fresh cup of coffee, a lavish serving of smashed avocado and review the week in footy… so join The People’s Game to do just that.

    On the agenda this week:
    – Zach Merrett makes a stand on sexism in footy
    – Collingwood makes Lil’ Kyron their champion for a day
    – Josh Green speaks out on footy fat shaming
    – Erin Molan gets justice against (one of) the trolls
    – Steven May has a beer and the footy world falls apart


    We have a special edition of Book Club, as our very own Kasey Symons is the Author in Residence to discuss the first chapter of her PhD and Lyle Olsen Graduate Student Contest Winning essay: “Goodnight Stories for Female Sports Fans”

    Reading Mentioned In This Episode:
    – Zach Merrett’s piece
    – Josh Green on ABC Life
    – Molan’s trolls report
    – Steven May’s drinking indiscretion

  • The Mid-Year Festival of Footy – Part 2

    1hr 18mins

    Keeping with the times of modern AFL list management practices The People’s Game have made a late change this week:
    OUT: Kasey Symons (larynx awareness)
    IN: Fiona Bell (debut)

    This week JB, Gordo and Fi discuss all things ANZAC Footy, pre-game music and more including:

    Fi’s journey from Sydneysider to Western Bulldogs diehard
    The difference between Sydney and Melbourne sporting cultures
    How long is Luke Beveridge’s leash at the Bulldogs?
    Why would Buddy want to live in Sydney?
    Are in-game interviews just a little bit naff?
    Has Eddie Betts joined the All-Time small forward group with Daicos and Milne?
    Should ANZAC Day games have pre-game entertainment?
    Why do we feel compelled to offer pre-game entertainment and other types of ‘fan engagement’?

    This week’s Book Club discussion is based on Martin Flanagan’s The Game in Time of War and footy’s role in escapism from the trials of modern life.

  • The Mid-Year Festival of Footy – Part 1

    1hr 1min

    Congratulations on making it half way through the mid-year “Festival of Footy” – only one more day before a break! Before this ‘footyfest’ kicked off JB, Gordo and Kasey caught up for a couple of pies and pints and to reflect on the season so far including:

    – The AFLW signing period and whether captains leaving their former clubs is a go thing for the fledging competition…
    – Brendon Goddard’s criticism of Ben Brown’s ‘diving’ and why statements like “play like a man” are damaging…
    – The folding of the CWHL and how it acts as a cautionary tale for the AFLW…
    – Why the footy media is obsessed with coach killing…
    – Is it ok to wear a footy guernsey over a button-up shirt?
    – Are footy fans and the media too “pro-Gaff” since his return?
    – Why do we always bring up the “state of the game” after four rounds?


    Book Club is a piece by Kyle Korver “Privileged” published in The Player’s Tribune in which the Utah Jazz basketballer grapples with racism in the NBA

  • A Bev in the Sheds with Ben Rodin (Good Friday Footy and the Cowra Blues)

    29mins 59secs

    During the “Easter Festival of Footy” Jack Banister caught up with now Victorian “ex-pat” Ben Rodin to discuss the Good Friday match between North Melbourne and Essendon as well as what it’s like to be the head coach of the Cowra Blues Football Club.

    Want to have a Bev in the Sheds with us after a game? Let us know via our Facebook page ( or on Twitter (

  • Winter Is Coming…

    70mins 35secs

    Yes, winter IS coming and while JB wanted to make this a Game of Thrones special episode, Gordo and Kasey tried their best to keep him on task. What task? Talking footy!

    This Week on the People’s Game?
    – Is footy over umpired?
    – Are the Brisbane Lions about to roar?
    – Are the Gold Coast Suns about to rise?
    – Do footy clubs have an obligation to perform for their fans?
    – What do footy clubs mean when they talk about culture?
    – Is West Coast underrated as an organisation?
    – Does a ‘national game’ need a club in each state and territory?
    Book Club is a short film special where the TPG Crew break down the AFL’s 2018 Grand Final film Inside Access, discuss the art of coaching and debate the merit of inside access.

  • People of The People’s Game – Georgia Nanscawen

    29mins 14 secs

    North Melbourne’s Georgia Nanscawen joined JB and Gordo to discuss her journey to top flight footy; the season that was AFLW 3.0, is it possible to stop Erin Phillips, the magnitude of the AFLW Grand Final and why she still loves Harry Potter.

    Want us to have a conversation with your favourite person of The People’s Game – send us your interview suggestions via Twitter – @sc_mag_aus

  • The Five Stages of Footy Grief

    59 mins 31 secs

    We love footy BUT JB hates losing! As such, Gordo invites JB to come and lie down on the studio couch as they unpack the five stages of footy grief, after Richmond’s loss to Collingwood in Round 2.

    Also on this week’s episode:
    – Do serious injuries affect our enjoyment of the game?
    – How will Liam Picken be remembered?
    – Did we underestimate St Kilda, and the other 2-0 teams?
    – Why are the Footy Media “misery merchants” by default?
    – Has the torpedo lost it’s wow factor?
    – After another media gaff – this time about a coin toss – is football really as inclusive as it likes to think it is?
    – Do we need to save the biff?
    – What’s the big deal about the term “AFLM”?

  • We Love Footy. We Hate Round 1 (AFL / AFLW Finals / Social Media Trolls & ‘Redemption’ Sports Stories)

    53 mins 05 secs

    We Love Footy. We Hate Round 1. Jack Banister and Gordon Hunter Meredith  sit down to discuss the first week of the AFL season, the AFLW finals, social media trolls, and the merits of sporting redemption stories.

  • Footy! Footy! Footy! (AFLW Finals & Fallout / AFL Rd1 / Tiwi Footy)

    1 hr 9 mins

    Footy is beginning. Footy is ending. Footy is just a moment. Footy is forever.

    Yes, citizens of The People’s Game, we have FOOTY FEVER and us such, your two favourite footy friends,Gordo & JB, were joined again by regular guest Kasey Symons to discuss all things footy.

    The fallout from AFLW 3.0 and the effects of the conference system on the competitions long term future.

    A holistic preview of the AFL season – what do we want to happen and what do we expect to happen?

    The People’s Question is: “What makes a good footy season?”

    Book Club is a very special chat with JB about his time with the Tiwi Bombers.

    Happy Footy Season!