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The Media Files podcast: Threats and opportunities for journalism in dangerous times

Journalism – good, bad and “fake” – shapes our politics, culture and society. This new podcast, co-hosted by CAJ director Dr Andrew Dodd, takes a critical look at where the media is getting it right – and wrong. 

Words by The Citizen Team

You don’t need to be a journalist or a news junkie to be affected by the media. Its enormous influence in shaping our culture, politics and society means we all have a stake in how it functions, who it serves and the way it’s changing.


Media Files is produced by a team of journalists and academics who have spent decades working in and reporting on the media industry. They’re passionate about sharing their understanding of the media landscape, especially how media policy, commercial manoeuvres and digital disruption are affecting the kinds of media and journalism we consume. The media is evolving rapidly, as new platforms and trends come and go. As old media empires collapse, new ones are forming. But the need to protect diversity, public interest journalism and public broadcasting has, arguably, never been greater.

Media Files is a collaboration of three leading media analysts – Dr Andrew Dodd, director of the Centre for Advancing journalism; Dr Andrea Carson, of LaTrobe University, and Deakin University’s Dr Matthew Ricketson. It is produced with support of The Conversation every month, with occasional off-schedule episodes released when we’ve got fresh analysis we can’t wait to share with you. To make sure you don’t miss an episode, find us and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, in Pocket Casts or wherever you find your podcasts. And while you’re there, please rate and review us – it really helps others to find us.

You can find episodes of The Media Files through The Citizen here.

Recorded at a public forum at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Advancing Journalism. Producer: Andy Hazel. Research: Charlotte Grieve and Jo Chandler.

Additional audio/ Theme music by Susie Wilkins.

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