The Little Red Podcast

The Little Red Podcast: interviews and chat celebrating China beyond the Beijing beltway from the University of Melbourne’s Horwood Studios. Hosted by Graeme Smith, China studies academic at the Australian National University’s Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs and Louisa Lim, former China correspondent for the BBC and NPR, now with the Centre for Advancing Journalism at Melbourne University.

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  • Lies, Damned Lies and Police Statistics: Crime and the Chinese Dream


    Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream has a dark side exemplified by the emergence of villages specialising in a single type of crime, from ‘hand-cutting’ pickpockets to ‘cake-uncles’ specialising in accounting fraud. Officially China boasts one of the lowest murder rates in the world. But Børge Bakken, a specialist in Chinese criminology, argues that all Chinese crime statistics are falsified for political, propaganda and administrative reasons. Is China becoming an ‘uncivil society’?

  • BDM: Not As Sexy As The Shark

    26min 12sec

    Reviled in the West, the slimy bottom-feeders known as sea cucumbers, or bêche-de-mer (BDM), have recently been described as the ‘the gold of the sea’. China’s growing appetite for these slow-moving slugs has sparked ecological and social crises, with at least 24 countries trying to close their sea cucumber fisheries following the sudden collapse of stocks.  In this episode we examine the cautionary tale posed by the fate of the sea cucumber with Kate Barclay and Michael Fabinyi from the University of Technology Sydney.