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‘Perfection’ #2: Can a tin man barista make a brew better than a hipster?

Is good coffee art or science? With his machine-like precision, Rocky the robot barista is quickly making a name for himself in caffeine addicted Collingwood. He’s mastered the algorithm for the perfect cup, but does he have the heart for it? Jenina Ibañez finds out in the second episode of our special audio series.

Audio report by Jenina Ibañez

Just a few months into the job, Rocky the robot barista’s high-tech skills have made him the talk of Melbourne’s coffee scene.

Once Alike is a café in the heart of the inner-city’s caffeine district, Collingwood. Rocky has been making coffee here every morning since last December. He is a prototype model for larger ambitions – to install robot baristas across Melbourne and possibly other cities soon.

Jenina Ibañez speaks with Liam Wilkie, head of operations at Once Alike about his performance.

This special Citizen audio series is co-published with All The Best radio. Check out the podcast for the full series from this Wednesday, 27 July.

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