The Media Files

A new monthly podcast featuring discussion between media researchers, experts and working journalists on the big issues in the media landscape today. Produced in collaboration with The Conversation.


  • Episode #2: Investigative journalism in the spotlight

    32 mins

    The Boston Globe’s Walter V. Robinson, of the famous Spotlight investigative team, and The Newcastle Herald’s Chad Watson on covering clergy abuse – and the threats that followed.

    If you’ve seen the movie Spotlight, about The Boston Globe investigative reporters who uncovered the staggering extent of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in the US, you’re already familiar with the work of Walter V. Robinson. He’s the one played by Michael Keaton in the film. In today’s episode of Media Files – a podcast about the media and how it works – Robinson shares his insights into journalism over his decades long career. Host – Andrew Dodd.

  • Episode #1: What does the Nine Fairfax merger mean for diversity and quality journalism?

    1hr 48mins

    In the pilot episode of our new podcast series is all about the Nine Fairfax merger, the largest media amalgamation in Australia in 30 years. Eric Beecher of Private Media, Stephen Mayne of the Mayne Report and ABC finance presenter Alan Kohler join presenters Andrew Dodd and Andrea Carson to discuss the implications for diversity and quality journalism.

    Media Files is hosted by Andrew Dodd at the University of Melbourne, Andrea Carson at LaTrobe University and Matthew Ricketson at Deakin University, who between them have decades of experience reporting on and researching the media. Media Files will also involve journalists, editors and other practitioners reflecting on topics such as ethics, digital disruption and the trends affecting what we hear, watch and read. It is produced in collaboration with The Conversation.