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The full wrap of the 2013 New News Conference

The annual New News conference, sponsored by Melbourne University’s Centre for Advancing Journalism, has once more trained its spotlight on media and the myriad issues facing journalism. The Citizen’s reporters kept a close eye on events, filing news reports and using Storify to compile Tweets and factoids as the conference unfolded. Our comprehensive coverage is pulled together below, using handy links to a full range of stories. 


Trends and troubles: the news about news

A 24-hour newscycle, evaporating ad revenue, staff cuts and failing business models . . . whither Australia’s media? 

Words by Rose Iser, Storify by Henry Belot

Who will pay for news?

With news paywalls being erected, debated and circumnavigated at every turn, media experts ponder whether a digital audience will ever truly embrace paying for online content. 

Words by Hugh McMaster

Shaping a Citizens’ Agenda

Mental health and climate change emerged as key issues in a series of “town hall” meetings held in the lead-up to 2013’s Federal Election. 

Words by Ania Dutka, Storify by Henry Belot

‘Blokiness’, the newsroom and women

“People tend to understand the links between racism and race-related violence, between homophobia and homophobic-related violence. People don’t necessarily understand the links between sexism and violence against women.” 

Words by Squirrel Main, Storify by Wes Mountain

WTF?! Election reporting, why the farce?

Following the “woeful” election coverage of 2010, a panel of media experts describe 2013’s attempt as markedly “improved”. But do you agree? 

Words by Sandi Keane, Storify by Gary Dickson

China’s new journalism

The early signs of investigative journalism in China are promising, especially in the business sector, but with new avenues of expression come new tools for oppression.

Words by Luke Voogt, Storify by Gary Dickson

Social media gives voice to Indigenous communities

Indigenous leaders say new media is a vital political tool for amplifying the voices of Aboriginal people, so often neglected by mainstream news sources. 

Words by Jack Latimore, Storify by Georgina Galbraith

As it happened: “is social media making us stupid?”

Storify by Wes Mountain

As it happened: “the new media entrepreneurs”

Storify by Clemmie Wetherall

As it happened: “a picture tells a thousand words”

Storify by Gary Dickson

As it happened: “getting it right”

Storify by Henry Belot

Journalism: in rotten shape or better than ever?

Words by Margaret Simons

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