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The Citizen newsroom awards

The Citizen is celebrating its first anniversary and in recognition of this milestone we are delighted to announce the The Citizen Newsroom Awards, proudly sponsored by the Faculty of Arts Office of Graduate Studies. The awards recognise the work of University of Melbourne students enrolled in the Master of Journalism, who have published work on The Citizen in the previous year. An award will be offered in each of four categories, with winners announced on April 16. Here is this year’s short list:



Facebook stalking incident backfiresBy Aliyah Stotyn

VIP travel costs soar under LaborBy Rose Iser

Virus causing paralysis strikes fiveBy Julie Milland


Taking a punt on the new Silk RoadBy Chris Shearer

Crowdsourcing the Bard By Daryl Holland

Men, myth and violence against womenBy Michael Roddan


“It’s not a house, it’s a home” By Jack Latimore

Police ready to listen to African AustraliansBy Squirrel Main

Rail option line ball By Clemmie Wetherall and Wes Mountain


Rose Iser

Hugh McMaster

Chris Shearer

The small print:

Broadly, key elements to be considered by judges will be: originality of the work, topicality, strength and structure, objectivity and creativity.

Additional considerations will be whether the story has had impact beyond The Citizen and whether it was co-published or re-published by another media outlet. The portfolio award will be given for a series of reports published throughout the year, ideally ranging across a variety of subjects and reporting styles.

A short-list of three entries in each category were compiled by The Citizen editors and Master of Journalism teaching staff. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges drawn from the Advisory Board of the University’s Centre for Advancing Journalism.

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