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Too hot to handle? When temperatures run off the charts

There’s no relief in sight as the Australian landscape heats up, with climate forecasts predicting temperatures off the charts. Every summer, more people will grapple with a confronting question: how much heat can they handle? Kicking off our new series Tales of the Environment, we hear how three Australians are coping with extreme heat. Clancy Balen, Thomas Phillips, Jenny Cai and Jordyn Beazley report. 

Host: Jordyn Beazley

Editing: Clancy Balen and Jenny Cai

Interviews: Thomas Phillips and Jordyn Beazley

Producer: Clancy Balen and Jordyn Beazley 

Executive Producer: Louisa Lim

This episode of Tales of our Environment is part one of a three-part series. Next week, we look at what life is like on the frontline for those working to save our disappearing forests. 

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