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On The Edge: What a warmer future will mean on the south-west coast

As communities worldwide brace for a climate-changed future, our Citizen reporting team heads to Victoria’s south-west coast to explore the challenges, and the opportunities, confronting the region. Benjamin Silvester kicks off this special multi-media series Future Forecast in Warrnambool.

On The Edge: What a warmer future will mean on the south-west coast

Blessed with fertile soil, a spectacular coast, bountiful marine life, a temperate climate and abundant rain, Warrnambool has never suffered a serious economic downturn. But climate change ushers in a whole new spectrum of challenges. Image: Steven Zoricic

Words by Benjamin Silvester

Unless something shifts dramatically – and soon – humanity will overshoot global ambitions to hold temperature rise to 2°C this century.

In this special series, Future Forecast – Spotlight on the South-West, University of Melbourne journalism students take a deep dive into what this means on the ground – and in the ocean – for communities along Victoria’s south-west coast. This is part of an ongoing Citizen Regional Reporting Project, with future editions focusing on other parts of the state.

Part One: A warmer Warrnambool – and no, that’s not good news. Benjamin Silvester reports.




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