Julie Davies investigated the complex writings of Joseph Glanvill and his attempt to establish a science of witchcraft and the supernatural.

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If a dog is man’s best friend, could that best friend also be our dancing partner, asked Jess Bassano.

Australians are happily doing the twist when it comes to opening a bottle of wine but the rest of the world remains to be convinced, reports Aleksandra Bliszczyk.  

Ian Teo examined the transition of Chinese international students to Australian universities and the role of foundation studies programs.

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Vehicles and road systems piloted by technology — not people — are within our grasp, and the implications can only be imagined, reports Daniel Connell

Social upheaval, gender divide, violence and environmental collapse can be the downsides of oil extraction, and women bear the brunt. Maryse Helbert examined opportunities for change.

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Kasim Sharif  identified a new model in media sciences for analysing climate change as a cosmopolitan risk, because the same suffering is being experienced across the globe.

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When Katrina Ben, a State Library Victoria conservator, took charge of the first-ever attempt in Melbourne to rebind a European medieval manuscript, she could not have imagined that one of the items discovered within its fading pages – a flea – might just provide a link to the plague that decimated Europe in the 13th century.

When the boy band GOT7 held a fan meeting in Australia late last month, Twitter lit up with a series of hashtags that revealed a growing Australian appetite for catchy K-pop – the music genre originating in South Korea that is a heady mix of catchy tunes, synchronised dancing and eye-catching fashion.

Keeping the faith finally led actor Benjamin Rigby onto the set of a Hollywood blockbuster, reports Anders Furze.