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At first glance, Australia appears to be experiencing a golden age of film festivals.

This year's Melbourne International Film Festival is screening over 350 movies. Anders Furze gets to grips with the program.

Julie Davies investigated the complex writings of Joseph Glanvill and his attempt to establish a science of witchcraft and the supernatural.

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If a dog is man’s best friend, could that best friend also be our dancing partner, asked Jess Bassano.

The grungy, inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond is known for its abundance of authentic Vietnamese food and burgeoning live music scene.

Australians are happily doing the twist when it comes to opening a bottle of wine but the rest of the world remains to be convinced, reports Aleksandra Bliszczyk.  

Ian Teo examined the transition of Chinese international students to Australian universities and the role of foundation studies programs.

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Kasim Sharif  identified a new model in media sciences for analysing climate change as a cosmopolitan risk, because the same suffering is being experienced across the globe.

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Social upheaval, gender divide, violence and environmental collapse can be the downsides of oil extraction, and women bear the brunt. Maryse Helbert examined opportunities for change.

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Vehicles and road systems piloted by technology — not people — are within our grasp, and the implications can only be imagined, reports Daniel Connell

When Katrina Ben, a State Library Victoria conservator, took charge of the first-ever attempt in Melbourne to rebind a European medieval manuscript, she could not have imagined that one of the items discovered within its fading pages – a flea – might just provide a link to the plague that decimated Europe in the 13th century.

When the boy band GOT7 held a fan meeting in Australia late last month, Twitter lit up with a series of hashtags that revealed a growing Australian appetite for catchy K-pop – the music genre originating in South Korea that is a heady mix of catchy tunes, synchronised dancing and eye-catching fashion.

Keeping the faith finally led actor Benjamin Rigby onto the set of a Hollywood blockbuster, reports Anders Furze.

Fear, pessimism and the “explosive” state of some European countries in the era of Brexit and Donald Trump were dominant themes in a discussion this week among academics that also drew parallels for the rest of the world, including Australia.


For older carers, sharing the load can reduce the likelihood of depression, Samantha Loi found.

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Merryn Dawborn-Gundlach investigated the transition to university life of mature-age students.

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Yarra City Council will fly the Yellow Flag of the former South Vietnam at its town halls next month in defiance of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The unique silo art trail is a tourism drawcard for the Wimmera-Mallee, but opinions differ on how permanent the artworks should be, reports Ben Rodin.


Health professionals are missing the mark on smoking guidelines for pregnant women, with a major overhaul needed, Susan Perlen discovered.

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Alison Marlin explored how families have utilised technology to build intimacy within their relationships.

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Acting Melbourne University vice-chancellor Margaret Sheil has warned that the Federal Government’s higher education reforms could have “a major impact” on the university, putting at risk its unique degree model that encourages students to undertake post-graduate study.

A Sydney academic, whose detention in China earlier this year created international headlines, is warning that his harsh treatment is designed to intimidate Chinese in Australia and academics researching topics deemed sensitive by Beijing.

Media mogul and mother of three Mia Freedman has urged women – and men – to reclaim the word feminism, a necessary label for a movement that was needed because men and women deserved equal rights.

“I’ve never really seen people with disabilities getting frisky in public,” said disability and LGBTI/Queer rights activist Jax Jacki Brown. 

Ann Maudsley looked at the history of the urban grid and its ability to adapt with an eye to improving planning policy in the future.

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The word “euthanasia” comes from the Greek, meaning “good death”. Caitlin Mahar traced the increasingly medicalised care of the dying and the parallel rise of euthanasia activism, asking when and why we decided death should be painless.

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Philanthropy has become a top priority for Australia’s universities amid federal funding uncertainty, with specialist staff numbers rising sharply and pressure on senior leadership to court big donors.

Yemeni national Kamilia Al-Eriani investigated how her country’s 2011 pro-democracy uprising was impacted by a deeply-embedded culture of apprehension.

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In the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires, Kate Giljohann looked for a better way to protect plants and wildlife in the face of extreme environmental changes.

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Alejandro Téllez Vargas explored just how tough it is for people with disabilities to become professional musicians.

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While all roads seemingly lead to the Shrine of Remembrance on this day, the spirit of the Anzacs links Australian generations far and wide, reports Aleksandra Bliszczyk.

Comic book sequel fails to master both its ironic and sincere tones, writes Anders Furze.

The genre-mashing Colossal is a refreshing take on much-mined material, writes Anders Furze.

Activist and photographer Ali MC is responding to Burma leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s denial of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in the country’s western Rakhine state.

India has 4 million children living on its streets, and 150 million more working as bonded labourers.

Standing alone as thousands of protesters passed him on Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD, Kabil Kumar held steady against Melbourne’s stormy Palm Sunday weather to hoist a red and yellow flag depicting a tiger jumping through a circle of bullets.

Establishing specialist clinics, especially in the regions, would likely liberate thousands of Australians from chronic pain, and save Australia millions of dollars, reports Krati Garg.

Noted philanthropist and barrister Allan Myers takes on a new role as universities become increasingly reliant on donors. He talked to Anders Furze.

Shaun Kemp investigated the complexities of offering Chinese language in the Victorian public school system.

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Australian law reform was being undermined by a lack of resources for a key legal authority and by the powers of money and parliament, according to the former High Court judge Michael Kirby.

A magistrate has told Victoria’s rail regulator to rethink its prosecution of Metro Trains following the death of a Melbourne youth at a suburban railway station three years ago.

Protecting future fertility is becoming a key driver in the treatment of childhood cancers, as survival rates climb beyond 80 per cent.

Cyclists campaigning for an end to Australia’s compulsory helmet laws took to their bikes in Melbourne on Saturday in hats and caps, helmets, or no headgear whatsoever.

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A US-based digital journalism expert says public broadcasters such as the ABC can help offset the “fake news” phenomenon that some argue influenced the 2016 US election.


The sports media in Australia is “still pale, male and stale,” broadcaster and writer Angela Pippos has told a panel discussion on women in sport and journalism.


A new documentary featuring David Stratton is just one of the veteran film critic’s many current projects, he explains to Anders Furze.

A select band of artists were invited to peek inside Melbourne University’s plant collection, reports Anders Furze.

Migration, and local interest, has established Hinduism as Australia’s fastest growing religion, reports Krati Garg.

The ethical management of zoos is critical to ensuring that species thrive in captivity, according to Jenny Gray.

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Two of Australia’s biggest retailers, Target and Kmart, have been praised for embracing a ‘new normal’ after including people with disability and from diverse cultural backgrounds in their advertising.