The annual New News conference is a collaboration between Melbourne University’s Centre for Advancing Journalism and The Wheeler Centre




Why news outlets threw political leaders under the bus . . . and other lessons of the campaign trail

Fairfax Media didn’t have journalists on either of the campaign buses of Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten for two weeks during the federal election to save money, according to one of its Canberra-based political reporters.

By Anders Furze

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Media ignorance often behind community unease about Islam

Sensationalised media coverage of Islam and Muslims is widening community divisions, according to leading journalists and media academics.

By Emily Porello



Different takes on how best to report on offshore detention

Increased media access to the offshore processing of asylum seekers could shift public perception about Australia’s role, according to high-profile journalists appearing at this year’s New News Conference, but they were divided about how best to report on the contentious issue.

By Jackson Graham

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With the power balance shifted, editors try tapping a reader revolution

Some of Australia’s top editors expect readers to be the key beneficiaries of the media’s ongoing battle to embrace “enormous opportunities” amid “cataclysmic change” brought on by the digital revolution.

By Samantha Lock 

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The art of the long-form interview often a case of “good old fashioned empathy”

Aspiring journalists have been told the secret to successful longform interviewing lies in dedicating hours towards research, combined with big doses of “good old-fashioned empathy”.

By Buffy Gorrilla

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Reporting on violence against women a steep learning curve for journalists

Experienced journalists say that covering stories about violence against women can cause them to become vicariously traumatised.

By Jane McNaughton

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Branded content is journalism’s new reality, but at what cost?

Media organisations are grappling with the demarcation between editorial and advertising in the online world of branded content and native advertising.

By Ashley Bolt

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New Indigenous reporting team leads ABC diversity push

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie wants the national broadcaster to “sound like Australia” and says she is determined to achieve this through “dexterity, diversity and collaboration”. 

By Kate Aubrey

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Investment, public interest critical in keeping tabs on the Asia-Pacific

Journalists say a lack of public interest, media backing and political will is leaving them struggling to report on vital issues across the Asia-Pacific.

By Malarvili Meganathan

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