India has 4 million children living on its streets, and 150 million more working as bonded labourers.

Religious advocacy groups have a long history of working with the United Nations, pushing back against progressive interpretations of the terms ‘family’ and ‘marriage’ as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

There is a purpose to US presidential debates, and it isn’t just because it makes good theatre, writes Kate Stanton.

Devoted, but disappointed: Kate Stanton finds it hard watching her home country from afar.

The US senator has pushed Hillary Clinton right to the line in the battle for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination — with a little help from a small band of Australian supporters, reports Candice Kortlever.


Anna Nemtsova knows what it’s like to risk her life for a story.

The battle against people smugglers in Thailand has taken a huge personal toll on some of those fighting for the rights of Rohingya Muslims, with the futures of three prominent campaigners uncertain.

Ten million Koreans were separated in the war. A lucky few finally got to see each other again briefly last week, when North Korea allowed a series of joyous, tear-filled temporary reunions.


On a chilled and rainy night, thousands gathered in Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens, moved by the haunting images of the body of a three-year-old Syrian boy lying face down on a Turkish beach. The tragedy served as  a fresh reminder of the struggles endured by refugees trying to escape violence and persecution.

Qantas is among a growing number of the world’s airlines to have banned the transportation of trophy kills, many prompted by the public outcry over the killing of Cecil the lion.