The Greens’ brand is appealing to a new breed in Melbourne’s gentrifying inner-north and, suddenly, Labor finds itself on the back foot, reports Daniel Connell.   

Dorothy Dixers have long been a staple of question time in the Westminster parliamentary system, but no longer in Victoria thanks to a decision by the Andrews Government to replace them with Ministerial Statements in a move that has attracted the derision of its political opponents.


Fiona Patten, the Sex Party’s first parliamentary flag-bearer in the country, is making the transition from lobbyist to MP, reports Scott Tibballs. 

Parliamentary proceedings have been cloaked in Christian symbolism for more than a century, but some Victorian MPs are in a spat over whether that should continue, reports Scott Tibballs.

He was the long-shot candidate who snared a seat in Victoria’s Legislative Council with less than two per cent of the vote. So, where to now for the mild-mannered accountant from western Victoria, asks Scott Tibballs

Political donations worth tens of millions of dollars remain shrouded in mystery due to Victoria’s lax donor disclosure laws.

From socialist to Liberal, shooter to libertarian, David Leyonhjelm’s peripatetic political journey has landed him in the Senate and amid an eclectic crossbench. Derrick Krusche asked him what he thought of the Class of 2014.