Five things

“Melbourne’s culture is very much affiliated with tattoos, art and creativity,” says Melissa Yu, event manager for the Australian International Tattoo Expo, which is touring capital cities.

‘Pistol’ and ‘Boo’ are long back in the US, but the saga of actor Johnny Depp’s stowaway dogs lives on.

Australia’s relationship with China has never been more significant.

There is something to be said for archives —rooms, even buildings, full of musty historical material. At first glance, they might seem a bit depressing and dull. But contained within those “time capsules” are stories and photographs, records of government and various catalogues that bear testament to our past. Some of the material is dull, morbid even, but pry further and you’ll find myriad exhibits that warrant preservation, material that makes you laugh, question and wonder.

Drones are becoming big business, writes Lorna Musgrove.

Applying for jobs isn’t much fun. You can spend hours writing and re-writing cover letters and updating your resumé in the hope that prospective employers might consider your application and think you’re ‘the one’. So how can you improve your chances of ending this cycle of job searching?

Five things

One focuses on toilet habits, another on missing persons. They are as flip as TV and as worthy as saving migratory birds. They occur on 118 different days of the year — one every three days on average — and sometimes several causes can lay claim to the same day. Some get a whole week, or a year or even a decade. Sally Stewart wonders whether International Days have reached their use-by date?

Five things

Debt is no fun. It usually means having already enjoyed something and now facing up to the reality of having to pay for it. Banks want repayments and this can last for years. 

Five things

They are defining moments in how the law has recognised – and dealt with – domestic violence, and an evolving response to a scourge that accounts for the death of an Australian woman every week on average at the hand of her intimate partner or former partner.

Every week in Australia, a woman is killed by her partner or a former partner. In fact, intimate partner violence is the top ranking cause of preventable and premature death among women aged 15 to 44. Violence is more likely to kill a woman than smoking and obesity combined, or illicit drugs and alcohol abuse.